Overnight Oats: Have Breakfast Waiting For You In The Morning!

Happy baby meal: cereal and milk. Concept: healthy food makes ch

This here is my favorite standard overnight oats recipe. Try experimenting with the ingredients and switch it up to your liking! To read the full article, please click on the link below: Overnight Oats: Have Breakfast Waiting For You In The Morning!

How To Stay Grounded When You’re Overworked & Overwhelmed

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In my work with high-performing women executives, I frequently encounter individuals who are so overworked and overwhelmed that they describe their daily experience as one of triage. Many of them feel completely disconnected from their bodies, and describe themselves as operating purely from “the neck up.” They rarely have time for themselves, let alone for […]

The 515 Chemicals Women Put on Their Bodies Every Day

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This infographic on chemicals in beauty products takes ‘Cosmetics Dirty Dozen’ to a whole new level. To see the infographic, please click on the link below: The 515 Chemicals Women Put on Their Bodies Every Day

The BEST Vegan Chocolate Mousse You’ll Ever Put In Your Mouth

Why You Should Indulge In Dark Chocolate Daily

The first time I made this recipe, it was a total accident which involved mistaking a tub of puréed avocado for puréed banana in my fridge (I was planning on making a chocolate banana ice cream concoction). But ever since this avocado-y mistake, this chocolate avocado mousse has been a regular dessert in my household. […]

10-Minute Pilates Workout To Reverse The Effects Of Sitting All Day

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Traveling can wreak havoc on the body. Whether you’re sitting in a car, cramped in a plane seat or toting your luggage around a busy station, travel can cause stress, tension and general aches and pains throughout your body. To help offset your travels and reset your body, a quick and effective combination of strength […]

Why Everyone Should Consider Going “Pegan”


Studies show vegan diets help with weight loss, reverse diabetes, and lower cholesterol. So do Paleo diets. The conversation can get heated. Each camp dogmatically adheres to their diet and cherry-pick studies validating their point of view. After reading dozens of studies on vegan and Paleo diets, even I can become confused. To read the […]

7 Worst Ingredients in Food

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While many well-meaning nutritionists will teach you the importance of reading food labels, the easiest way to eat healthy is to stick with foods that need no food label at all… When was the last time you saw an ingredients list on a grass-fed steak or a bunch or broccoli? To read the full article, […]

Things you didn’t know you could do with Weetabix

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In a world of avocado on toast, Turkish eggs and cinnamon buns, it can be easy to forget about our dear friend the Weetabix. We’ve moved beyond the simple debate about whether to top those wheaty slabs with sugar or honey: now it’s all about whether to pop the cereal in your cake or smoothie. To […]


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Whatever you are trying to achieve, you are more focused on a great outcome if you are motivated by pleasure and enjoyment, not by fear. People who are motivated to stay healthy because they are scared of weight gain or aging, end up feeling deprived and miserable. Watch them at the next dinner party you […]

How Long To Nap For The Biggest Brain Benefits

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Sleep experts suggest that taking a 10-to-20-minute power nap can give you a quick burst of alterness and mental clarity when you don’t have much time. This can be used throughout the day, late at night, before something important or right before you are trying to beat the final boss of a video game you’ve […]