The 515 Chemicals Women Put on Their Bodies Every Day

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This infographic on chemicals in beauty products takes ‘Cosmetics Dirty Dozen’ to a whole new level. To see the infographic, please click on the link below: The 515 Chemicals Women Put on Their Bodies Every Day

Why Everyone Should Consider Going “Pegan”


Studies show vegan diets help with weight loss, reverse diabetes, and lower cholesterol. So do Paleo diets. The conversation can get heated. Each camp dogmatically adheres to their diet and cherry-pick studies validating their point of view. After reading dozens of studies on vegan and Paleo diets, even I can become confused. To read the […]

Huge List 100+ Coconut Oil Uses (recipes included)

Coconut 101- Everything You Need To Know About Coconut

Coconut oil is known for its many uses in the kitchen but did you know you can use it on your skin, around the home, and in the bathroom? There are hundreds of coconut oil uses! I use coconut oil from head to toe in my homemade beauty products and cook with it daily for […]


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So what do you do if you have serious congestion? You could go for the over-the-counter pills or liquid that never seem to do much for me….or you could try making your own simple BREATHE JAR with essential oils. You will wonder why you ever used the other stuff! To read the full article, please […]

How to Make Your Own Natural Garden Pesticides


Natural pesticides for plants are less expensive than buying commercial pesticides, and they are much safer for your garden, your family, your pets and the environment. There are homemade natural pesticides for plants that are cheap and easy to make and they are as effective as some commercial pesticides on the market. You don’t need […]

10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy Again

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How would you like to save money on your daily household items and reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your home at the same time? To find out, click the link below: 10 Things You Will Never Have To Buy Again

Would You Buy a GMO Apple Just Because It Doesn’t Turn Brown?

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  There’s a new(ish) apple in the world that doesn’t immediately brown after you cut it. Unlike the trademarked Arctic, a genetically engineered apple that was approved for commercial planting by the USDA on Friday, this variety is already available at supermarkets. Named Opal, the Golden Delicious cross made its debut in the United States […]

Honey-Ginger Combination Treats Bacterial Infection


  Some natural substances have long been known for their therapeutic properties and ginger and honey are of them. Both of them have a history of medicinal use dating back to ancient times and have been played important roles in the folk medicine of many different cultures all around the world. To read the full […]

“The Dark Side of the Strawberry”: WWI enemy-killing gas now being used on America’s fruit

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Pesticides are the food industry’s most lucrative tool, raising profits to amounts that would otherwise be impossible with monoculture. While the agriculture industry is producing more food than ever before, the increased yields also contain record-breaking levels of chemicals, making food more unsafe compared to earlier times. To read the full article, please click on […]

Most honey contains glyphosates, the main ingredient in Roundup


It’s hard to ignore the presence of glyphosate in a large portion of our food supply. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s star herbicide, Roundup. It is interesting to note that the level of glyphosates was much higher in honey from countries that permitted GM crops; honey from the U.S. contained the highest levels. […]